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A Day In The Life of Miss McDonald [entries|friends|calendar]

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Top Secret [23 Nov 2005|03:12pm]
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Announcement: The Miss McDonald photo exhibit! [02 Nov 2005|10:05pm]
A Year in the Life of Miss McDonald: A Photo Exhibit

When: November 5 to 25, 2005
Opening: Nov 5, Saturday, 7 pm
Where: Store For All Seasons, 605 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila, Philippines

Come celebrate one whole year of Miss Mcdonald!

The Miss McDonald project began as a Halloween costume created on October 30, 2004. Pictures of Miss McDonald in various mundane situations were taken, with the idea of posting them in an online journal. The very first post went up on November 6, 2004. Since then, the Miss McDonald LiveJournal has been visited thousands of times by people all over the world.

The exhibit will feature prints of the best of the year's online pictures, as well as outtakes and other never-seen-before photos. All prints are for sale.

Miss McDonald will be at the opening on November 5, Saturday, from 7-8 pm. Come by and celebrate with us!


STORE FOR ALL SEASONS is located at 605 Shaw
Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.

From Shangri-la Mall: cross Edsa towards StarMall. It's about two buildings past the Friendlycare clinic, look out for the Conservatory building with yellow-and-black signage on the right side of the road. Look for this sign:

For more info on the Store For All Seasons, visit
Thank you to the lovely chuvaness and sugarcandypop for graciously offering their store-slash-gallery to hold the exhibit in. :D
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Happy Halloween! [31 Oct 2005|11:24pm]
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Check up [02 Oct 2005|02:21am]
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[15 Jun 2005|01:34pm]
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Walk In The Park [31 May 2005|07:48pm]
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Basketball [16 May 2005|10:48pm]
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Bathroom [10 May 2005|10:37am]
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Sick [02 May 2005|01:55pm]
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Watching The Clouds Go By [18 Apr 2005|11:47am]
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Swinging [11 Apr 2005|01:54pm]
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Cleaning Up The Yard [04 Apr 2005|09:37pm]
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Ka-POW! [28 Mar 2005|02:04pm]
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Park Bench [21 Mar 2005|03:20pm]
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Lunchtime [14 Mar 2005|12:08pm]
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[10 Mar 2005|01:21am]
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Formal Portrait [01 Mar 2005|09:30am]
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My New Digs [22 Feb 2005|12:42pm]
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Boots [22 Feb 2005|12:39pm]
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[16 Feb 2005|11:01am]
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