miss_mcdonald (miss_mcdonald) wrote,

Top Secret

The picture I'm covering is one you will only ever see at the exhibit. I will never post or publish it, so visiting the exhibit is your only chance to see it. It's something only Philippine residents (or former residents) will get a kick out of, so if you don't live here, don't worry about it ;). However, if you do live here, QUICK! You only have three more days to see it, because the exhibit ends this Friday, November 25. SFAS is open from 11 am to 8 pm.

Again, the exhibit is at the STORE FOR ALL SEASONS, at 605 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City.
From Shangri-la Mall: cross Edsa towards StarMall. It's about two buildings past the Friendly Care clinic, look out for the Conservatory building with yellow-and-black signage on the right side of the road.
For more info on the Store For All Seasons, visit

THANK YOU to everyone who's gone to the exhibit! :D

Oh and here's what the store looks like from outside:
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I wish I could go! ):
arghhh--thousands of miles away!!!!
If only i lived in the Philippines!
i've never wanted to live in asia more than i do right now....and that's saying a lot.
I just wanted to let you know that Film 2332 will also count for ARTS 1301 and therefore, will open up 3 more elective credits for you. If you would like to take this option let me know.
Okay, sounds good to me!

Naw just kidding. I have no idea what that was about. ;)


13 years ago

I wish I could see it.
Wish I could see it... :(
I'll start swimming tonight, with luck and good tides I might make it in time to the other side of the earth!
:D I am glad you are back.
Hi. Been to that store twice. I think I know what that picture is. RIOT! Galeng mo talaga. I love their cheeseburger more than McDs. God Bless.
too bad for all of us who do not live in the philippines. maybe w/ more and more exposure you will one day have your exhibit go on a world tour. anythings possible.
I like the last photo. It's like you broke in and decided to taunt the authorities outside.
D'oh. *lives in California*
i bet it's a jollibee joke.
blue and red.. oh my, i think it is. i'm not being sarcastic btw.. i mean.. the jollibee store fronts usually look like that! :D
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